President: Yasmin Wilkinson

Yasmin Wilkinson is originally from Ghana, West Africa and moved to Houston in 2015. She works for an oil & gas company supporting Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and programs. She has a 7-year-old daughter who will be starting 2nd grade at McElwain this fall, and a 2-year-old son. Yasmin joined the PTA to be more engaged in her daughters’ school. Her goal for the PTA is to build stronger connectivity between the school and the community by creating inclusive and exciting programs for all.

VP Membership: Nayra Soriano

Nayra Soriano is a mom to an 8 year-old boy who will be starting 3rd grade this fall at McElwain. Nayra grew up in Katy, TX and she is an Agency Specialist in the insurance industry. She joined the PTA in order to be more active in her son's school and in her community. Her goal is to help build a culture where teachers and families come together to provide the best educational & emotional support for young learners.

VP Programs: Montoya Hudson

Montoya Hudson, currently serving as PTA 2nd Vice President, is a resident of the Elyson neighborhood. Outside of the PTA, she works as an Application Architect in the healthcare industry. Montoya's youngest daughter will be starting 3rd grade at McElwain Elementary this fall. She joined the PTA to not only increase her involvement in the community but to promote diversity and inclusion initiatives within the school. Montoya truly believes children are the start of a new tomorrow and supports enriching their education as much as possible.

Treasurer: Danielle Malinowski

Danielle Malinowski is a Colorado native, an IT Manager, and a mom to an 8-year-old boy who will be starting the 3rd grade at McElwain this fall. She joined the PTA with the primary objective of becoming more active in the school. Her goal is to help build a culture that is fun, inclusive, and safe for young learners.

Secretary: Sorayda Heugel

I am a married mother of 4. My oldest daughter, Alayna, is 10 and will be going into the fifth grade this fall. My second oldest daughter, Natalie, is 8 and will be going into the 3rd grade. I also have a 3 year old son, Brantley, and a 1 year old daughter, Savannah. I would love for the school to have the same sense of community that Elyson has provided to the families here. My biggest reason for wanting to become an active member of the PTA at Peter McElwain Elementary is because my daughters' have attended other schools in the state where the PTA wasn't very active. Parents weren't involved in volunteering or helping to raise the money needed so that we could host some of the events that other schools were having. I didn't want to be another parent who complained about what the PTA wasn't doing. I want to be a parent who is helping to achieve the goals we have for our school. I want the kids of Peter McElwain to be able to tell their kids about all of the fun and neat things that their school did.